Our Sunday morning worship experience is around 70 minutes and we have programs for all ages.  Our City Kids Team always has an amazing experience lined up for your kids twelve and under so make sure you arrive a few minutes early to get them checked in and ready!  For everyone else we have an incredible time of worship and preaching that will leave you inspired and challenged.  Sunday mornings are passionate, active and loud so come prepared to engage in all that God is doing in our church. 


We truly believe that true community and life change happens in circles, not rows.  Though we love our weekend services, it is impossible to develop community by only attending a weekend service, that's why we have City Groups.  There is no question that the life blood of our church is our City Groups. City Groups are smaller groups that meet various times throughout the week and month and we have all types of groups from interest groups to bible studies and everything in between so there is surely a group for you. If you don't see the group you are looking for we encourage you to step out in faith and start your own!   


As followers of Jesus we are called to be generous with our Time, Talent, and Treasure. We are a church that believes that we give because God gave first. We serve, we give, and we sacrifice. As a church we are committed to missions and have partners all over the world, from here in the Twin Cities to across Europe and Asia. In following Christ's footsteps we put others first.  We don't have to serve, we get to serve.