At Southland we believe that healthy families start with healthy marriages.  Whether it's pre-marital counseling, crisis-counseling or marriage mentorship, we want to be a resource for you.  


If you regularly attend Southland City Church and desire to be married at our church or by any of our pastors, we have three requirements: First, it is required couples fill out our Marriage Request intake form. Second, couples must complete our Pre-Marital Program. It is a minimum of 5 sessions conducted on a day, time, and location that is compatible with both the engaged couple and counseling couple’s schedule. Third, in keeping with the biblical view of marriage, we require that couples are not living together and are abstaining from sexual activity. For more information about the premarital process and to get in contact with our Marriage directors, please complete the contact form below.

Marriage Mentoring

Southland’s trained marriage mentors are seasoned couples who will come along side you and help you develop a stronger, healthier marriage. The mentoring program helps you understand God’s design for marriage while providing encouragement where you need it most.

Marriage In Crisis

If you are a married couple who may be in a hurting place in your relationship and both of you want to see that change, we have trained couples who deeply care about seeing your marriage be all that God intended it to be, and will provide support, wisdom, understanding and encouragement. This is not designed to take the place of professional counseling. Please complete the contact form below to begin the healing process.

Married People Getaway

Take a night away from your home and make your marriage a priority. This event happens once a year and is a super fun, casual event filled with lots of laughter. It is a great place to meet other couples from Southland and sign up for a mentor couple to meet with throughout the year.

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