CJ & Kristin Johnson | The Teaching Pastor Guy

We love God and we love His Church and our heart is to partner with both in reaching those who are far from Him. We are convinced the hope of every community lies within the local church and it’s the church’s responsibility to share this hope found in Christ. For in the same way a prism produces color when hit by light, we believe beautiful things will take place within our community when the Light of the World (Jesus) invades our workplaces, schools, homes, etc. etc. Throughout the gospels we find Jesus responding to those around him by touching lepers, befriending prostitutes, gathering with criminals and loving the unlovable. In response to His example we feel responsible to teach others to live with the same spontaneity and compassion for the needs surrounding them. In doing so we believe God is going to use Southland City Church in incredible ways and we are honored to pastor such a wonderful church. Anniversary: August 19, 2006 Children: Riley (daughter) and Canin (son) Hometowns: Grand Junction Co (CJ) Des Moines, IA (Kristin) Favorite Show: Friends Favorite Sport Teams: Miami Heat and the Green Bay Packers College: North Central University Hobbies: Sports, Four Wheeling, Working Out, Boating and Trips to the Cabin

CJ Johnson - cj.johnson@southlandcity.com