The Frog In Us - Pastor Karl

The Frog In Us by Karl Basinski  

If you place a frog in boiling hot water it will jump out of the pan quicker than you can say "whoa!" Ok bad joke I know, but here's the thing. If you place a frog in a pan of water at room temperature and slowly turn the heat up, the frog wont realize that the water is getting hotter and therefore, will stay in water at very hot temperatures. Which sadly leads to a very bad ending for the little guy. Everyone say, "awe, poor frog" (moment of silence maybe?) Ok lets keep moving.


From my vantage point I tend to think the frog probably has a screw loose somewhere, but the truth is the frog is not all that different from you and I. In fact, there’s a frog in every one of us. Let me explain.


Pastor CJ mentioned a stat at the end of his message this last Sunday that it takes 33 years for light to get from the polar star down here to earth. Which means that it could have died 20 years ago and we wouldn't even know it for another 13 years! Unfortunately there is a principle behind this that tends to work against us: Areas of our lives often fall into obscurity long before we ever notice.


Our purpose gets clouded by outside factors.

Our passion gets swallowed up with responsibilities.

Our love is weakened by hurt.

Our endurance is slowed by unnecessary weight.

Our effectiveness is hindered by seemingly small compromises.


What area of your life has slowly and unknowingly to you slipped through the cracks? What area of your life is losing its fruit? We all have these areas. No one is exempt.


Not only is no one exempt, but no one is without hope of renewal! Just because an area of your life has slowly died doesn't mean it has to stay dormant. There's is always hope in Christ for rejuvenation!


Here are a few practical things that can help us get back on track:


Reflect: Think back and remember the original vision and goals you had for the now dry places of your life.

Repent: Value repentance over reputation. Decide to change. List what you must discard and prioritize.

Restore: Begin to restore one top priority at a time, each week.

Recognize: Remember that God holds us accountable. He rewards fruit, not activity.


I hope this helps us revitalize certain parts of our lives that have slowly fallen asleep. With God's help we can regain the passions, purposes, love, and effectiveness we once had!


Much love Southland. Have a great week!


Pastor Karl