Sermon Recap - Sexual Immorality

Sermon Recap from the series: Mistakes Churches Make Message by Pastor CJ


Hey Southlanders! It has been such an incredible week for our church! We are definitely looking forward to the exciting times ahead! This past Sunday, Pastor CJ closed out the series Mistakes Churches Make with a message that you don't want to miss! If you missed it Sunday don't forget to check out the podcast this week! But for now here's a quick overview...

Staying in the book of Revelation, were looking at the letter written to the church in Thyatira. It may be surprising that Jesus commends them for their works, love, service, faith, etc. From the sound of things they are doing well. But with everything they did successfully, they did some things that broke the heart of God and killed the influence they had on the culture around them. Namely allowed sexual immorality to be acceptable in their lives and the church.

God know's that this decision to allow certain behaviors will not only impact them but set a poor example for their children as well. He also knows that the outcome of a church that practices such behavior will in turn lose its credibility and influence to the outside world. Something we need to take into account is that today's decisions determine tomorrow's experiences. So in order to have the experiences we want to see later on, we must live in a way that guides us to our desired destination.

With that said there are three things we must do.

1. Hold out

2. Hold on

3. Hold up

(For more explanation on these check out the podcast!)

The bottom line is, sometimes you have to overcome something to become something. If we live correctly, then at the right time we will be in a position to propose our faith instead of attempting to impose it.

So this week lets hold on to the teaching of scripture and live with the kind of character that will increase our influence in our homes, workplaces, and communities.

Have a great week and happy Fourth of July!


Pastor Karl