Sermon Recap

Sermon Recap Series: Upgrade

Message: Settling For Less by Pastor CJ

What's going on Southland!? Hope you are all having a great week so far! And I pray that you have taken to heart the message Pastor CJ shared Sunday and are applying it to your life. Here's a quick recap for those who just need a little refresher! Chances are, you have allowed yourself to settle for good. You have settled for good instead of striving for greatness. Don't feel bad though, we have all done this. Which is precisely why this is such an important series!

In the book Good To Great, Jim Collins says, "good is the enemy of great." No one will ever achieve greatness when he or she settles for good. This series is all about attaining greatness. It's about fulfilling our fullest potential in Christ. It's about NOT settling for anything less than greatness. But in order to do that, we first must realize that we need an Upgrade. We often settle for less than what God has for us, but we must live by biblical principles if we want to see biblical results. We are called to travel with God, trust in God, and be transformed by God. Don't settle for deliverance when you can experience freedom. Here are a few things to consider as we refuse to settle for less and allow God to upgrade our lives:

1. When we depart, God delivers

If you're simply waiting around to see God do the impossible, you'll probably be waiting a long time. God's desire is to work in and through you and I. As we step out He steps in. Don't be afraid to take the step of faith He's asking you to take.

2. It's going to be strange

Abraham and his family had to learn how to live in a foreign country. Sometimes when you and I step out in faith into the great things God has for us, it's not familiar. It may take some getting used to as we learn to live on a new level. Accept the unfamiliarity and embrace God's calling and promises!

3. Remain Portable

You may have to leave everything you know and move on in order to embrace what God has next for you and your future. Keep a trusting heart, an unbreakable faith, and a certain flexibility when it comes to following God's promises to the ends of the earth.

4. Anchor your vision

Abraham's confidence in God's promises was uncompromising. We could take a lesson from him in faith-enomics. What is your vision anchored in? If it's anchored in anything other than the character and promises of God you are likely to be swayed by the storms that come your way. We must expect God to show up and plan accordingly. Even when we don't know the "why" behind the "what." Which takes us to this week's bottom line: To understand why, submit and apply. Most often, our answer comes after our obedience. So stay true and faithful to our God's guidance and direction for your life so that you can experience the upgrade God has for you. You wont regret it!

Pastor Karl