Sermon Recap

Sermon Recap Series: #Awkward

Message: First Things First, by Pastor CJ

Pretty much everyone knows the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt. Millions of people crossing the Red Sea on dry ground is one of the biggest miracles we find in scripture! And yet, even though they exited out of the door God had for them, we find that they never entered the door into the promise land. They were so close, yet so far away. But when Joshua took over the leadership role after Moses, he was aware of some very important principles that the Israelites would have to follow in order to experience all that God had for them. i.e. Direction, not intention, determines destination. He knew they could no longer afford to merely sit on the sidelines. They had to do something different if they wanted to achieve different results.

The whole nation needed:

1. People to shoulder the legacy It wasn't enough to leave it all up to the "leaders" of Israel. Other's had to step up and step out in obedience.

2. Melted hearts

They melted the hearts of surrounding communities and spread the glory of God by telling their story, not by shoving information about God down their throats.

3. New skin in the game

There comes a moment for everyone when you need to step up as a contributor and leave behind the days of consumerism.

Bottom Line: As a church we are moving from patients to partners. We must make Him famous. We must be a church that reaches the community. We had a phenomenal preview service Sunday! God is doing BIG things through His church, its time we all get on board! This of course is just a snippet of the message by Pastor CJ, for the entire thing check out the podcast!

See ya next week!

Pastor Karl