Sermon Recap

Series: #Awkward Message: Count The Cost by Pastor CJ

Biblical Passage: Luke 14:25-33


Remember the NBA Finals this year? Remember when game 6 of the series was all but over? Security was roping off the court in preparation of the trophy presentation that was about to awarded to the San Antonio Spurs. Even the "diehard" heat fans were leaving the stadium in hordes. It was over; or so it seemed. Ray Allen hit a three from the corner to tie the game and sent it into overtime. This is when it got awkward for many of the fans that had already left the stadium. Flocking back to the entrance only to find themselves locked out, unable to witness history in the making. Oh and not to mention all these people were on national television giving millions of viewers the right to ostracize their lack of "fanship" and loyalty.

No one ever wants to admit to being a bandwagon fan, right? This is especially so when our commitment to Jesus is questioned. We don't want our commitment and loyalty questioned when it comes to our faith. But the truth is, perhaps you and I have more "bandwagon" in us than we would like to admit.

You see, salvation is free but discipleship costs something. Salvation happens in a moment, but discipleship takes time. Salvation is what God does for us, but discipleship is something we do with God. Following Jesus doesn't take the path of least resistance. It's about the journey and the process as much as it is about salvation.

You ever hear the statement: Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. It's so true. Here are a few things we need to prepare for as loyal, committed followers of Jesus:

1. Prepare for relational pressure

Every single person who chooses to live out his or her faith in Jesus will face relational pressure from friends and family at some point. You have a choice to make: will you crumble under pressure from your peers or will you stand for what you believe?


2. Prepare for the long hall

Being a devoted follower of Jesus is not a one-time event. It's a daily decision as well as a lifelong one. Don't become disillusioned by misconceptions of faith, rather become devoted. You see, to get to where God has called you, you will need to be willing fight. We are made in the image of God are children of God, but worthwhile living is up to you and I. At the end of the day, we still have to put our feet to the ground and walk out our faith over time.


3. Prepare for the battle

It's adversity that introduces a man to himself. We all have a battle to fight and we have two options to choose from: 1. Quit. 2. Don't quit. Seems obvious, right? The truth is though, that far too many people are choosing the wrong option. Too many Christians are giving up and quitting. Christianity may not be a cakewalk but where else are you going to go? Who else holds the keys to the universe? Who else are you going to turn to?

The truth is, there's no one else like our Savior. Our God is matchless in every way. Nothing and no one even comes close.

Bottom line: What you pay is far less than what you gain.

That being said; let's be people who are willing to stand when it's convenient to sit. Let's speak when it easy to be silent. Let's fight when it's tempting to lay down.

*This was such a great message from Pastor CJ, make sure you check out this weeks podcast for the full version! See ya Sunday!


God Bless!

Pastor Karl