Sermon Recap - 4/14/13

Sermon Recap!Pastor CJ Series: Strange People

Throughout this 'Strange People' series we are learning that truly following in Jesus' footsteps will not look normal to the world around us. We are also discovering, that fact is a good thing! Because even though people may not believe what we believe, they should like, respect, and be intrigued by the lives we live.

They may not want to be a Christian, but they should want to hire one!

This idea of being strange people overflows to all areas of life. This week we learned that one of those areas is the area of generosity.

Jesus says to his disciple in Matthew 6:3, "when you give to someone in need..." Key word- "when", not "if"

So how can we implement Jesus’ instructions to live a life of generosity? There are two things we need to do:

1. Get over ourselves

The world is losing interest in the church because the church is losing interest in the world. Often times the opportunity to be generous will come as an interruption that we don't have time for, or maybe the need that has to be met isn't of our doing. No matter the situation Jesus teaches that we are to be open to these "giving" opportunities disguised as interruptions.

2. Exceed the need

It can be said that, we should look to history in order to not repeat it. In this case we can look to history so we can repeat it!

In fact, the early church was so good at being generous, they were more known for their generosity than they were for their theology. It was said that the first Christians, "...not only take care of their own poor, but ours (referring to non- believers) as well."

When we look at Jesus' life in John 2:1-12 we find that he went above and beyond what was needed/ Not only did he go above and beyond, but it wasn't even his problem to begin with!

Lets all take a lesson from the Master teacher, leader, and influencer and begin to look for opportunities to live a life of supreme generosity in the world in which we live.

This of course, is just a snapshot of Pastor CJ's message. For a comprehensive approach, I would encourage you to take a few minutes and check out the podcast!

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God Bless, Pastor Karl