Sermon Recap

Sermon Recap Series: Depleted Debate

Message by Pastor CJ

If you've ever played competitive sports I'm sure you have sat through a scouting report or two in order to gain an edge on your opponent. This week pastor CJ helped us do exactly this as we gained an edge on our opposition by understanding the tactics he uses against us.

The ways that the enemy tempts us can be tricky and deceptively subtle. First of all, he knows our desires and appetites, and can often use these against us. He is also a pro at creating doubt. If he can get you to doubt the truth, he can get you to believe his lies. From doubt, he moves to all out deception. The devil's lies are full of truth so be careful what you allow into your mind. Martin Luther once said, "You can't keep the birds from flying around your head but you can keep them from building a nest in your hair." We would be wise to apply his words to our lives. This brings us to the actual decision. Every virtue has on opposite. You can't claim to be good if you never have an opportunity to be bad. Pressure reveals content.

The good news is that the enemy’s game plan doesn't change much. There are three ways that he tempts us:

1. With appealing opportunities

Where God leads you, the enemy will meet you. The place where the enemy wants to lead you will often appear more appealing than where God has you in the moment.

2. Where you are strong

An unguarded strength is a double weakness. The devil is clever in this way. Instead of attacking our weaknesses or try to weaken our strengths, he simply has a way of using our strengths for his good if were not careful.

3. When you are H.I.T

H.I.T stands for hungry, isolated, and tired. He is notorious for showing up when we are in one or more of these states. It's imperative that we stay conscious of the enemies attacks when we are HIT.

With some game film now on his tactics we are better equipped to fight against him. With this knowledge let’s help others avoid the consequences of falling to his tricks as well!

Like always I encourage you to check out the podcast, it’s a great one!


Have a great week!

Pastor Karl