Peacemakers recap

Strange People: PeacemakersPastor CJ

Being a peacemaker is definitely one of those things that's easier said than done. Just look around. Watch the news for a few minutes and its obvious that peace is a rare commodity. It is something we all desire, yet can’t seem to grasp. For these reasons I'm glad Pastor CJ chose to cover the topic this past weekend. Perhaps with a better understanding of what a peacemaker truly is, will we be able to be agents of peace wherever we go.

So what did he have to say?

When it comes to peace, there are three kinds of people 1. Peace - Breakers These people don't even try to make peace. They seem to prefer to create disturbances rather than diffuse them.

2. Peace - Fakers These people tend to ignore the problems to begin with. They seem to think that by ignoring the problem that it will somehow disappear.

3. Peace - Makers These people are the ones who acknowledge the dysfunction, and do what's necessary to create peace. They don't simply keep the peace that already exists but learn to create it in the midst of chaos.

The characteristics of peacemaker’s are often misunderstood. Peacemakers are often seen as "soft" or "weak." However this is not the case, in fact just the opposite. Here are three characteristics that describe peacemakers.

1. Peacemakers are Courageous, not Cowardly 2. Peacemakers are Underdogs, not Bullies 3. Peacemakers are Builders, not Pyro's

We can often fall into the trap of burning bridges instead of building them because it's easier to burn than to build. Nonetheless, our calling is to be builders, not pyro’s.

This of course is just a snap shot of Pastor CJ's message, and I encourage you to check it out! But in the mean time, lets not be peace-breakers or peace-fakers, but lets strive to be peacemakers!

God bless, Pastor Karl