Patience Sermon Recap

Series: Strange People – PatiencePastor Justin Vagle

It doesn't take much to realize that people can be impatient. And when I say 'people' I don't necessarily mean your neighbor, or the car in traffic that cut you off. No, when I say 'people' I'm talking about you and I. We've got patience problems. It’s obvious. So what can we do about it?

First of all we need to know that patience isn't an activity, it’s a characteristic. It's a characteristic that grows when we establish our hearts and minds on the promises and character of God. We shouldn’t fall into complacency when it comes to the promises of God, rather we could use a little stubbornness, a refusal to waiver when it comes to His promises.

If you find yourself doubting God due to trials in your life, try to remember that those trials and unexpected occurrences are serving a purpose. God never lets anything go to waste when it comes to His people.

In fact, sometimes God has to send a storm in order to soften the soil.

Further more, there are two things we can do to help us grow in patience:

1. Trust God's Plan

If we were honest with ourselves, we would concede to the fact that our patience can wither quickly when we forget that God has a plan; that He has an end in mind.

Let’s remember, our God is not inattentive to our lives. He is involved in every aspect of it, leading us to a greater future for a greater cause. And here’s the deal, God's plan for our lives far outweighs our plans.

2. Trust God's Process

In order to see the plan come to pass, we must go through the process. God has a plan. God has a process. He has not left you, and He hasn't given you more than you can handle.

Remember: Where there is no process, there is no progress!

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