Mother's Day - Kelly Moyer

Reflections on Mother’s Day  

You gotta love Mother’s Day: the kitchen counters dripping with pancake batter from Dad’s attempt to lead the kids in making breakfast for Mom, special spring outfits donned by the kids for church, only to be covered in glue and paint following the Mother’s Day craft in Sunday school, and a plethora of pink—Caribou cups, ribbons, and even baseball bats! It is a day to celebrate the woman that brought you into this world… and “if you don’t stop pinching your brother I can take you out of this world!”


But when we really stop to think about how remarkable a mother’s love and devotion is, a single “pink-filled” day is clearly not enough! Like depicted in Paul Young’s novel, The Shack, so often it is through these women in our lives that we get a glimpse of the character of God; for example:


Sacrificial—Jesus’ life and death served as the definitive sacrifice to cover our sin in order that we may have abundant life. From the beginning of our existence, our mother’s make the choice to be sacrificial. Often, they sacrifice their bodies as the miraculous incubators for human life, enduring nine months of morning sickness, swollen ankles, and mood swings; they sacrifice their time at rainy Saturday morning soccer games, four-hour ballet concerts, and endless nights at the kitchen table doing algebra. Above all, they sacrifice their wants and needs in the hope for their children’s happiness and future.


Patient—The entirety of the Biblical story is a testament to the undying patience and love of God, despite humanity’s constant growing pains and disobedience. So often our mothers must endure some of the most patience-testing moments, courtesy of their children: potty training, administering medicine, getting ready for bed, temper-tantrum filled trips to the grocery store, even leaving a park can result in a catastrophic breakdown regarding the injustice of having to leave behind the swings and monkey bars! Despite the embarrassment that comes with naughty children, mothers endure with quiet and graceful patience, even daring to return to the park because they know it fills their children with joy.


Present—Through Christ’s death, resurrection, exaltation, and return, we are privileged to be in relationship with a God who is perpetually present, and we rest in the truth that we are accompanied by His love regardless of our location or situation. As children, we are comforted by the safety of a mother’s firm grasp of our little hand, we sleep soundly knowing mom rests in the bedroom next to ours, and as we enter into adulthood, we are reassured that a phone call to mom can bring solace and encouragement. Irrespective of our place in life, we live with the truth of our mother’s undying and ever-present love. No matter the distance of the separation between us and our mothers—minutes, miles, or eternity—we can rest in the truth that we are the beloved of one awesome woman!


Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to thank our mothers for the Christ-like examples of sacrifice, patience, and presence that they provide us, but a national holiday shouldn’t be our only occasion to do so! Words are powerful things—take the time TODAY to remind your mother how great she is through a phone call, text, or email, for we too are to be examples of Christ’s love to these fantastic women!