Mistakes Churches Make - The Lampstand

Sermon Recap by Pastor Karl Original Message by Pastor CJ Johnson, Sunday June 2nd, 2013

Series: Mistakes Churches Make


In our culture today, we are continually using metaphors to describe people, places and things. For instance the term, "rug rat" is used to describe an infant; a "couch potato" is used to describe a lazy person; and a "road hog" is used to describe a territorially aggressive driver. I think it's interesting that this idea of using metaphors goes all the way back to biblical days. In fact, even Jesus seemed to love to idea. He used many metaphors in his teachings to help those listening to understand.


For instance, in Revelation 1:20, he uses a metaphor we should all pay attention to. He compares the church with a lamp stand. Of all things to compare the church to, why a lamp stand?


The short explanation is that the purpose of the lamp stand throughout scripture was to illuminate the presence of God in the temple. Likewise the purpose of the church is to illuminate or shine light on God. Unfortunately, we have a tendency to move the lamp stand and shine it on other things like politics or some celebrity.


However, if we got this right, when we accurately reflect our God, the world would be far more likely to accept Him. When we keep the lamp stand in its proper place, three things happen:


1. We'll see God in a new way

2. We'll see ourselves differently

3. We'll see others differently


Jesus tells the church to go back to do what it did in the beginning, which we can see in Acts 19. These are the three things Jesus wants the church to do:


1. Evangelism

The church has a tendency to contain Jesus rather than proclaim Jesus. Let's be people that begin proclaiming Jesus like never before. The bottom line is that found people find people.


2. Esteem

What we lift up, we will live out. If you paid attention to what you were "living out" in your daily life, would it reflect that you esteemed God or something else?


2. Eagerness

They lived and preached with a certain eagerness and boldness that leaked out in whatever they did. They had an eagerness to repent and to be sent. They set the example for non-believers in what they should do if they wanted to experience forgiveness and new life.


What you value will ultimately determine what you do. So this week, let us value our relationship with God, our reflection of God, and our impact for God!!