No matter where you are in your faith, everyone has a next step.   What’s yours?

Whether you are brand new to your faith or have been a Christian for years, there is a next step for you.  Following Christ is a journey, not a destination and we would love to help you take your next step.  If you are brand new to your faith or brand new to our church,  the best way to get started at Southland is to check out the three links below. 



The church isn't a building you visit or a service you attend, you are the church!  Join one of our teams and start being the church. The best way to get connected is to join a team and serve at Southland.  We have all kinds of opportunities to get you involved. Fill out the form below and join a team today!

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Living the Christian life without Christian friends is boring, confusing and difficult. We believe that the best way to grow in your faith is to surround yourself with others that are looking to do the same.  At Southland, our City Groups are the best place for you to get connected  to this community and grow in your faith.  We truly believe that circles are better than rows.  That is,  true spiritual and personal growth will almost always happen in a small group and not simply by attending a weekend service.  Simply put, City Groups are friends you grow, laugh, and serve alongside as you journey through life.  Whether it’s sermon discussion, grabbing a bite to eat or going on one of our outreach projects, we encourage everyone at Southland to join a City Group or start your own. 


Whether you are new to your faith or new to Southland, we encourage you to go through our Growth Track.  This is the BEST way to get started at Southland. Through the growth track you will get to know who we are, where we are going, and how you can be a part of what God is doing at our church.  If you are new to Southland, this is the place to start.