As you spend Easter with us and bring your friends, neighbors, and coworkers with you, we want to provide the best experience possible. In order to do so, please RSVP to tell us when you’ll be attending. There are no tickets required and this RSVP doesn’t guarantee you a reserved seat, but this does allow us to better plan for you. And it allows you to know which services will have the most people in attendance.

  • YES, you and your friends should reserve a spot at the service you wish to attend. It will help us create the best experience for you and other guests.

  • YES, we expect some or all of our services will fill up and no seats will be available. Please make sure you arrive early.

  • YES, City Kids will be happening during ALL of our Easter Services.

  • NO, this does not guarantee you a specific seat, only that seats will be available in the Auditorium if you arrive on time.

  • NO, you will not need to bring a ticket or proof of reservation with you.